Can india lead the world

India can lead the world in solving ‘problems without borders’ india has a historical opportunity to assume global leadership in co-creating innovative solutions to tackle socio-economic challenges that affect the whole of humanity. India has the potential to lead the world full of natural resources, filled with highly spiritual people and country with diverse tounges and races india has th potential to flourish. Best answer: india does have the potential to lead the world, but it is doubtful that she can fulfil it in the near future the biggest problem remains that of the huge population, and the large percentage of very poor who have been left behind in the economic race other major problems include corruption.

Prime minister modi’s vision of “make in india” in the case of mobile telephony has largely come to mean manufacturing in india while much of the intellectual property of the core technology and design innovation continues to be created outside of india rather than lead the world in mobile innovation we have resigned ourselves to being a fast follower. I do not think that india will lead the world, but yes, it is a distinct possibility that it emerges as a developed nation and world superpower we need education only when people are educated, will they realize how certain actions can have a positive or a negative impact on the country.

India and china together created approximately 135 million jobs and contributed 18 percentage points to the overall world gdp last year india’s success in the it service sector, and china’s in mass manufacturing over the last decade, have helped position both countries as rising superpowers. This is where india can lead the world before getting started on education and healthcare, the world must focus on getting the bank to the people as per the 2017 global findex survey, absence of. India can lead the world in developing innovative 5g applications: ericsson ceo borje ekholm india is important not just because of the market size, but also because of the demand for technology, says ericsson ceo, borje ekholm. Being in a situation to lead the world is a matter of having the right resources and the drive to make the world a better place india has the population, the natural resources, and the work ethic to make a difference.

Being in a situation to lead the world is a matter of having the right resources and the drive to make the world a better place india has the population, the natural resources, and the work ethic to make a difference india needs the infrastructure, the wealth, and the military, but as time passes, they can gain those things. India has pledged a 33-35 percent cut in the intensity of its carbon emissions (based on 2005 levels) by 2030 the word’s third largest aggregate emitter of greenhouse gases plans to achieve.

Can india lead the world

Even if china's own automation retains much of its manufacturing output, it will do so at an enormous hit to employment (along with everywhere else in the world) conclusion i do not believe china can lead the world economy it will be held back by its largely undeveloped status, its lack of innovation, and the rise of automation.

  • The planning commission expects 58 million tourists travelling to india by 2010 the world travel and tourism council believes india's tourism industry will grow at 10% per annum in the next decade, making it lead the world in terms of growth.
  • As india is one of the largee country with larg population and the development of other countries is based on indian engineers, scientists, accountants etc then why cannot india take the lead it is only the time to come will tell that which country is taking the lead.

India already lead the world from google to microsoft in each and every field we will find an india at one or another top post in politics we have seen the power of narendra modi the man who was denied to get a visa for usa has visited 4 times from 2014 to till date. By 2030, india will lead world in almost every category: richard verma - us ambassador to india richard verma was interacting with students of iit and iim at the government engineering college in raipur.

can india lead the world India is not equipped in nay way to lead the world economy by 2016 however, it can make significant improvement, from its current position, if they make basic custom duty cenvatable for manufacturing units.
Can india lead the world
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